torsdag 13 maj 2010

Tummad nattöl!

Bokslut av dagen med Captain BBQ genomförs bäst med en guld-öl!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Starkt jobbat.

  2. Själv hade jag hellre avslutat med en Guinness :-)

  3. En Guinness strax innan man nattar kudden är inte riktigt min "pilsner"! :)

  4. Well ! Hello there Henrik : )
    Thank you for dropping by my blog !
    Great to see a hockey fan .. and you may be watching the Stanley Cup games ? .. there are so many Canadians and Sweds on so many of the teams .. well .. it isn't what it used to be ?
    Husband played hockey .. then became a referee .. then health issues had him become more of an administrator for his hobby league .. but it is all fun ;-)
    Your beer and rum were cute to see ! Husband brings back Cuban rum from his adventures .. it is intense ! LOL
    J : )